Hello! Sorry, there was a delay with my postings but check out this beauty. My new white wireless earphones with rose gold accents from SudioSweden.com. It is lightweight, easy to use, and hands-free! It's a perfect little gift for Valentine's day. Get 15% off your order with this discount Code: "heylj"!
Sudio is a company based in Stockholm, Sweden. They make elegant earphones specializing in producing quality sound and products. The brand embellishes the Swedish lifestyle and makes stylish accessories for all types of individuals with different lifestyles.
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Thank you Dubh Linn Gate Irish Pub and PorkNinjas for the invite! Special thanks to ShermansFoodAdventures for letting me play around with his lens!
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Happy New Year Everyone!
Vancity Box is a monthly subscription box that is filled with unique items, featuring local companies in BC. Each box contains various items including snacks, clothing, soaps, and more. Check out the box that I received back in December! Enjoy 15% off your purchase with the "HEYLJ15" discount code.

First item, the two homemade natural soup bars from Sea Luxe. The activated charcoal is my favorite and I have been using it every other day as an exfoliator. It is deep cleansing face and body wash. I would definitely recommend getting if you like a gentle exfoliator. The second bar of soup is the Ocean Flora. It is a seaweed, sea salt and deep sea mud spa bar.

The Goodmallows disappeared quickly from my box due to its delicious chocolate appearance and peppermint flavoring. Goodmallows are made with natural ingredients. They are keen on making their products free of preservatives, GMOs, factory-farmed gelatin, corn syrup, and artificial flavoring.
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Late Post - April 23, 2016 | Thank you Sharon ( @sk_foodoholic ) & Choco Coo Cafe for the invite! It was definitely a treat :)
Candid shot of Bethany ( @bitesofvancouver / bitesofvancouver.com ) photographing her red velvet cake
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